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Updated: Sep 7, 2019

The coding community is really passionate about people learning code. Code training that is current, relevant and driven by the needs of the marketplace.

Those new to code, I would recommend these resources over and above the offerings of TAFE and Universities. "Why?" you ask. Firstly because Universities update their curricula once every 5 years, in the IT world that is an obscenely slow pace of change. Secondly, being academically trained in code isn't the same as being recognised by the industry as skilled and fit for work. The following courses are designed by highly skilled Industry professionals.

In my experience here are the best organisations Sydney-side to train with and courses to reference:

1. These online courses offer free and subscription or one off course fees.

  • I particularly like the design of their courses, there free courses are a combination of video and hands-on activities, short-smart bites, lots of resources. Their longer programs are very reasonable prices plus the have both mentors, community support, online programs and very industry relevant. The content is well curated.

  • This a project based online course on the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. General Assembly also offers free training events and paid courses online and f2f.

  • Recently Codecademy updated their content to provide up to date training in all scripting languages, providing free, project based learning for a monthly subscription or intense online mentored training.

  • Free Code Camp also offers a comprehensive training programme in web languages it's also supported by coding dojos that run Saturday and Sundays in Sydney, CBD.

  • Online training only, but of exceptional standard in all modern web technologies. There is both free or Udemy courses that range between $20-30.

  • https://www.wibit.Net Online training in all C based languages.

2. These organisations run free Sydney based training days usually on a Saturday either on a bi-monthly or monthly basis.

3. These organisations run weekly coding practice dojos

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